Jennifer Aniston's Topless Scene in Horrible Bosses

July 7, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston's Topless Scene in Horrible Bosses

Internetz have been buzzing about the new comedy “Horrible Bosses,” not because it’s a great script with a perfect cast of every who’s who in comedy, but because Jennifer Aniston plays a sexy character! Gasp!

Aniston plays a raunchy nympho dentist that sexually harasses her dental hygienist and the red band trailer features Jen in some skimpy underwear eating phallic food items and having her way with Charlie Day’s character.

Also, fanboys are freaking out because of a rumored Jennifer Aniston topless scene.

Jen sets the rumors straight about the nude scene, “I have no idea where those rumors started, but it’s a good rumor. Not true at all…where do these things start?”

I guess she hasn’t seen the trailer.

Jen sits down for an interview on Chelsea Lately and tells Handler how much she loves playing a lead female role who gets to be a man-eater, “That’s usually a guy in a movie, that’s a part that a man plays so it’s really fun to be a woman and play that with absolutely no apologies.”

Although she denies the topless rumors she has no problems playing a sex maniac, “The raunchier, the better,” she says.