Jennifer Aniston's New Role: Prostitute

April 10, 2012 By:
Jennifer Aniston's New Role: Prostitute

Role of a lifetime.

Jennifer Aniston has long played the quirky girl next door. I don’t want to say it hasn’t worked out well for her, but I’ll let ‘Just Go with It’ speak for itself.

‘Just what with who?’ Exactly.

But anyway, she stepped out of her comfort zone in Horrible Bosses, when she played a sex-obsessed dentist. And now, Aniston is set to take on another out of the ordinary role: prostitute.

According to Deadline, Aniston is in negotiations to star alongside Jason Sudeikis in the upcoming comedy We’re the Millers.

Sudeikis would play a drug dealer who creates a fake family in order to smuggle 1,400 pounds of weed from Mexico into the U.S. Aniston would play his fake wife, who also happens to be a hooker.

The comedy was written by Wedding Crashers’ Bob Fisher and Steve Faber. And Rawon Marshall Thurber of Dodgeball fame is set to direct.

After her role in Horrible Bosses, Jennifer said she’s recently been more comfortable in her own skin and that confidence has inspired her to take on more daring roles.

"I absolutely get more comfortable in my body and with who I am as I get older," Aniston confessed. "Way more than when I was in my twenties. I was so awkward and uncomfortable."

And despite the fact that Jen has been aging gracefully, she says there’s one thing that makes her feel old.

"When I see girls who are twenty-something, or the new crop of actresses and think, 'Aren’t we kind of the same age?' You lose perspective." She adds, "Or being offered the part of a woman with a 17-year-old child. It’s like, 'I’m not old enough to have a 17-year-old!' Then you realize, well, yeah, you are."