Jennifer Aniston's New Man Has a Bad Temper

June 24, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston's New Man Has a Bad Temper

Jennifer Aniston seems to be crazy in love with Justin Theroux, but apparently Justin is crazy period.

“He’s one of the most moody people I know,” a source said.

“He’s extremely temperamental. It will collapse like a house of cards once Jen finds out who Justin really is.”

He’s already moved into her LA home and they’ve been spending a lot of time together in New York.

Just this week she taped an interview with James Lipton for Bravo series, Inside The Actor's Studio and brought Justin along for moral support. They're pretty much inseparable at this point—which is out of Jen’s character.

He recently left his girlfriend of 14 years for Jen and things are already getting super serious between them. They're even sporting matching gold rings on their ring finger!.

Jen is always picking the wrong guys and her friends are worried Justin is going to do a lot of harm.

Poor Jen. Hope she doesn’t get her heart broken again. You think this guy is the real deal? What are your thoughts on Jen's new man?