Jennifer Aniston's New Attitude About Life: F**k It!

July 8, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston's New Attitude About Life: F**k It!

Jennifer Aniston has been such a bad a** lately, I love it! The 'Horrible Bosses' star admits that she’s developed a “f**k it” attitude lately and no longer cares what people think about her.

She said: "I think getting older means you get more comfortable in your body and in your skin and who you are and you have more of a 'f**k it' attitude.

We can thank her bad boy seriously tatted up new boyfriend Justin Theroux for her newfound attitude. It’s definitely not Jen talking, it’s Justin. But hey, we’ll take all we can get from her at this point.

She added, "You're so careful and controlled in your twenties and you're just more aware of your every move.

"Now, I think there's just more of a freedom and a comfort and none of it really matters as long as you're enjoying yourself and having a really good time."

Maybe she’ll keep the rebellious streak going and wear something other than a black or nude dress soon. Gasp!