Jennifer Aniston's Mother Suffered a Severe Stroke

September 12, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston's Mother Suffered a Severe Stroke

Jennifer Aniston rushed to the hospital on Saturday after her mother, 75, suffered a stroke.

Nancy Dow is reportedly unable to speak and is in serious condition, according to The Daily Mail. A neighbor in Nancy’s North Hollywood neighborhood said:

“She's in the hospital. She's fabulous, a very nice lady. She's also very private. “

Jennifer was reportedly accompanied to the hospital visit with boyfriend Justin Theroux, and was said to be in tears during the visit.

Aniston and her mother were estranged for ten years after Nancy gave a revealing television interview about her daughter in 1996.

After watching the interview, Aniston allegedly called her mom and told her, “I’ll never forgive you. Never.”

Years after the interview, Dow then wrote a book, titled: From Mother And Daughter To Friends: A Memoir. The book focused on the mother and daughter’s strained relationship, basically putting the blame on Aniston.

In 2001, Aniston said: “This is my last chunk of disease in my life - my mom.” She also did not invite Dow to her 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt, a decision she described as “tortuous.”

Finally, in 2008, the two resolved their differences and reconciled.

“It’s good, It’s Ok,” Aniston told the New York Post. “Things are now fine between us. All of that is over, and we're in touch with one another. We speak, and it's all over.”

Jen’s rep said of the situation: “This is a private family matter.”

Meanwhile, Aniston and her new (is it still new?) boyfriend, Justin Theroux have shacked up in the Hollywood Hills. It happened after Aniston recently sold her Beverly Hills property for $38 million.

“They decided to rent a house together while they keep searhing for the perfect [one] to buy,” a source told People magazine.

“Jen and Justin are very excited about living together in their new home.”

Situated in the Hollywood Hills, the house is said to feature an ozone pool and a spa.

“One bedroom is the master and the other is currently furnished as a guest room,” another source told Us magazine. “It is a really romantic house with great views and a warm feeling in every room.” The pair reportedly could opt to buy the love nest.”

When asked about her new boyfriend, Jen replied: “I’m very happy and very lucky.”

We’re happy Jen has found love, and we wish her mother a quick recovery.