Jennifer Aniston's Fake Boyfriend Plans Revealed

December 15, 2008 By:
Jennifer Aniston's Fake Boyfriend Plans Revealed

If you were wondering why the usually private Jennifer Aniston is all of a sudden an open book and always gushing about her beau John Mayer, don't be fooled, she's only doing it for the press.

When Aniston and Mayer broke up a few months ago, she reportedly asked her agent to get her a "Plan B" boyfriend, so when she's doing the promo rounds for her upcoming movies, 'Marley & Me' and 'He's Just Not that Into You', she won't be doing them solo.

According to the NY Post, “She didn’t want to face the glare of being unattached while Brad Pitt toted Angelina Jolie around” on the promotional rounds for his release of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

Aniston “did not want to be single when her movie opened,” one source said. “A friend of her agent was calling around asking for young men whom they could set her up with.”

When Mayer came back around, her camp abandoned their search for a new fake boyfriend. So is her relationship with Mayer the real deal? Doubt it. It's not that uncommon for two celebrities to start dating when they have new projects to pimp out. Expect a breakup after the holidays and some "Poor Jen Dumped Again" magazine headlines. Hollywood is so predictable.