Jennifer Aniston's Ex Is Happy For Her Engagement

January 8, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston's Ex Is Happy For Her Engagement
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Jennifer Aniston’s ex is apparently thrilled that she is engaged to Justin Theroux. And no, that ex is sadly NOT Brad Pitt, but I’m sure he’s very happy for her as well.
So who’s the ex-boyfriend sending his congratulations? Is it John Mayer? Vince Vaughn? Gerard Butler? Nope! It’s Tate Donovan! Who? I don’t know, but I can Google him!

According to the Internet, Jen and Tate dated from 1995-1998 and even got engaged. However, they broke up just months before Jen got together with Brad Pitt.
“I am very happy for her,” Tate told Us Weekly, “I hope it lasts and that they have a great time. And I’m sure they will. They seem like a very happy couple.”
Fun fact: Tate was in Argo and currently stars on the new NBC drama “Deception.”
Double fun fact: Tate actually knows Justin Theroux because they both did plays at the Williamstown Theatre Festival several years ago.
“He’s a really good guy,” Tate says of Justin, “A really smart, very good guy.”
Is anyone else reading this story and wishing this was actually about what Brad Pitt thinks about Jen’s engagement and not this Tate Donovan guy? Nope? Just me then? Ok.
Apparently Tate gets asked about Jen ALL THE TIME. He told E! news at the 2010 Golden Globes how he felt talking about Jen and said,  “I mean, it’s been 150 years.”
Well, I’m glad Tate is happy for her and now he can fade back into obscurity. Byeeeee.