Jennifer Aniston's Engagement Ring Is Way Too Big

October 9, 2012 By:
Jennifer Aniston's Engagement Ring Is Way Too Big

Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé Justin Theroux stepped out in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Saturday and what started out as a run-of-the-mill paparazzi shot turned into a OMG THAT ENGAGEMENT RING IS HUGE shot.

The couple were apparently vacationing in New Mexico, random, when they stopped for a tender moment. Tender enough to still flash that dazzler at the paparazzi cameras. Jen’s gigantic engagement ring could be spotted miles away, I’m sure.

Check out the zoom version of the ring shot, it’s like a slice of an iceberg.

Do you ever wonder if and when a super rich woman like Jen gets married if they get give their fiancé money to buy the ring? Do you ever wonder about that? I just can’t imagine that Justin's slim-pickings IMDB credits was enough to buy that diamond. But I digress…

Jen has actually been in Santa Fe to film her new flick “We’re The Millers.” This new movie is supposedly a weed-friendly comedy but little is known about Jen’s role, but I’m going to assume she plays a down-to-earth single woman who may or may not have a kid and probably plays a journalist or an interior decorator. You know, like, the same thing she does in every movie.

The couple have been engaged since August 10, 2012, when Justin popped the question on HIS birthday in NYC.

Since Jen’s favorite thing is to jet off to Cabo with her best friends, sources close to the couple are saying that Jen is planning a small destination wedding, “kind of like eloping with a few friends.”