Jennifer Aniston's Career Criticized

April 1, 2010 By:
Jennifer Aniston's Career Criticized

Jennifer Aniston’s career is being criticized over her latest movie, The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler. The film has only made $38.4 million at the box office in its first ten days, and now people think she needs a career overhaul.

According to the New York Post, one particular film critic said, "Aniston just can't play the good friend anymore. She's aged out, no matter the yoga and the highlights. She just can't do America''s sweetheart next door. She needs a big wake-up call.”

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A film insider added, "It's hard for any TV stars to make the transition to movies. Certainly no one else from 'Friends' made it."

And they didn’t stop there. Now Jen’s love life—or lack of one—is now coming under fire as well. People in the industry apparently want her to settle down and stop dating every available bachelor in Hollywood. One critic said, “And as for her taste in men, it's totally off. John Mayer? Gerard Butler? She's missing a common-sense gene.”

But don’t expect Jen to get too upset over this. In her new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she says she’s ready for change. "The last five years have been about spring cleaning for me. Now it's time for my rebirth. I love trying new things. I can't just be put in a box,” she says.

Do you think it’s time for Jen to do a complete overhaul on her life, both personally and professionally?