Jennifer Aniston's A Loner

February 15, 2008 By:
Jennifer Aniston's A Loner

Jennifer Aniston doesn't like associating with people anymore. According to reports Jen has become quite a loner. She basically spends most of her free time at home reading books.

She's currently in Canada filming her latest flick Traveling. "Almost every night when she finishes work, Jen goes back to
her hotel and eats and drinks by herself. Just as often, her evening is a
drink and a book. It's pretty much what she does most nights in Los

The same blabber source told OK! magazine: "She goes to fewer restaurants than
she used to. She socializes a lot less than she used to. You never see her shopping
. She doesn't travel except for those vacations with her friends, the Arquettes."

Let me guess, she' still depressed about the Brad breakup? No! The girl doesn't go out because every time she does, new rumors start. She's probably terrified to leave her house.