Jennifer Aniston's $50,000 Hair

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Jennifer Aniston\'s $50,000 Hair
Clearly Jennifer Aniston hasn't been affected by the recession. And neither has her hairstylist Chris McMillan!

Aniston is infamous for her effortless chic honey colored highlights. But her laid-back locks are anything but effortless. How much does it cost to look like Jennifer Aniston? $50,000!

While doing the promo rounds in Europe for "Marley & Me," Aniston has been flying her beloved hairstylist Chris around to make sure she looks her absolute best on every red carpet.

Chris has been jetting back and forth between Paris and London, first class of course, and staying in five star hotels.

When you calculate his styling fees, which reportedly cost $2,000 a session, and his travel expenses, due to Aniston's luxurious taste, it averages about $50K, reports the Daily Mail.

Chris gave Aniston her infamous "Rachel Cut" back in the day when she was on “Friends” so she clearly thinks he's worth every penny. Do you?
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