Jennifer Aniston Tells Friends Wedding Is "Any Day Now"

March 13, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston Tells Friends Wedding Is

In Hollywood, you can’t really do the whole “save the date” thing, especially if you are VERY famous. Because that wedding invitation might get sold to TMZ and then your wedding is attended primarily by paparazzi helicopters and those d-bags with cameras.

So for Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming wedding, she told her guests to basically keep every single day free and that she is calling them in the very near future to tell them to immediately drop what they are doing because the wedding is NOW!

“Those that are going have been told to expect a call at short notice, drop everything they are doing and head to the location when revealed,” a source told

So basically, Jen’s wedding is the most important thing in the world and her friends better not have real lives or jobs or anything else.

The wedding will probably end up being in LA, especially since it will be so last minute for all the guests. 

However, only a select few have been invited. So it’s not like a Kardashian-sized wedding. We highly doubt anyone from “Friends” besides Courtney Cox will actually be invited.

But most surprisingly, Jen’s somewhat estranged mother Nancy Dow is going to attend, after Justin Theroux staged an intervention and insisted that Jen needs to repair her relationship with her mother.

“[Nancy] has been told to hang by the phone for a call any day now with all the arrangements,” says the source.