Jennifer Aniston Wedding Details All Lies

March 5, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston Wedding Details All Lies

For the past week, the tabloid world has been going HAM about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s so-called up-coming wedding in Hawaii.

It must have been the couple's Oscar appearance that reminded us that they exist and are STILL engaged, because every rag mag claims to know “intimate details” about their wedding, like how it’s in Hawaii, only two dozen people are invited, Chelsea Handler and Emily Blunt are bridesmaids, Ben Stiller is the best man and that the wedding is happening in a few weeks!

Well, sorry to bust your wedding bubble, but none of it is true.

Jenn’s rep tells Hollyscoop exclusively, “It is all made up.”

Awww, too bad. We were looking forward to a wedding party comprised of Jenn, Justin, Chelsea Handler and Ben Stiller! OMG! Throw Courtney Cox into the mix and it’s basically the greatest romantic comedy we’ve ever seen.

In the meantime, while we wait for actual confirmation (or proof) that Jenn and Justin got hitched, we at Hollyscoop came up with our own ideas for where this high profile twosome will get hitched like Jenn’s favorite vacation spot Cabo or quite possibly Justin’s hometown in NY.