Jennifer Aniston Wants a Face Lift

May 20, 2010 By:
Jennifer Aniston Wants a Face Lift

Jennifer Aniston isn’t the type of actress who is obsessed with plastic surgery, which is why we love her so much! But even Jen knows when she needs a little help from the Photoshop department.

According to a new report, Aniston requested that a little more retouching be done on her for her upcoming romantic comedy The Switch. Sources tell
Us Weekly that she flipped when she saw the final cut of the film because she didn’t like her appearance.

Jennifer Aniston is SmartWater Sexy

"She thought she looked rough,” said a source. “Especially in the daytime scenes."

"She wanted them retouched further, but the studio had already spent its postproduction budget," continued the source. "The studio discussed making her foot the bill for any enhancements."

"She's starting to show her age,” added another.

We think she is crazy!!! Jen looks incredible for her age, and she looks better than most girls half her age. Plus have you seen her SmartWater ad?!

We’re all our worst critics we suppose!