Jennifer Aniston to Star in The Baster

February 6, 2009 By:
Jennifer Aniston to Star in The Baster

Cue the biological clock jokes. Jennifer Aniston has a new movie she’s starring in. As if He’s Just Not That Into You didn’t mirror her life enough, her next one is about artificial insemination. Jen will star in The Baster alongside Jason Bateman, who stars as her best friend.

The story is about two best friends, Wally and Kassie. Kassie decides to get artificially inseminated, and then Wally replaces the donors sperm with his own so that he’s the father. Talk about creepy!

It’s strange that Jen’s recent films seem to be correlating with her life right now. Is it just a coincidence, or is Jen smarter than we think, and cashing in on the “woe is me” attitude? Whatever it is, she’s working!

And we love Jason Bateman. So as weird as the storyline is, we’re kind of looking forward to seeing this flick. Filming begins this Spring.