Jennifer Aniston Throws A Baby On Set

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Jennifer Aniston Throws A Baby On Set
Now Natalie Portman isn’t the only A-list lady to throw an infant on camera…

On set of her new movie, Jennifer Aniston was spotted and snapped launching a baby into the air in her best impression of a NFL Hail Mary pass. Now hold off on your gasps for now… It’s not actually a real baby.

Here are the details…

In the photo, the former “Friends” star wears a light blue summer blouse, a pair of khaki capris pants, and some white tennis sneakers. Typical soccer mom gear.

Aniston acts out a scene fellow mom character.

The two appear to be in a minor argument with each other. After an aggressive tug of war over the bundle of joy, Aniston loses control and accidently throws the baby – FAKE baby - high into the air, where it lands onto the pavement.

Upon closer inspectation, the baby not only appears to be a fake baby, but a fake marijuana baby.

The film that the scene is for is called We’re the Millers, thriller-comedy about a veteran pot dealer who creates a fake family as part of his international drug operation. Other big name stars in the film include Ed Helms of “The Office,” and the ever-stylish Emma Roberts.

If I were to speculate about what is actually going on in the scene it would go something like this…

Jen is hiding a baby-sized bag of weed, either for a deal or some other crucial plot point. She hides it in a blanket, which the other lady mistakes for an actual baby. Mission accomplished. Until…

The meddling lady asks to see the baby, an argument ensues, the “baby” flies, and the pot spills out everywhere… Cover blown!

I hate it when that happens…

We’re the Millers is currently scheduled for a 2013 release.
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