Jennifer Aniston Taking a Year Off to 'Enjoy Herself'

July 5, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston Taking a Year Off to 'Enjoy Herself'

Jennifer Aniston is taking a break from acting. Which is surprising, because based on her past few performances, I thought she was already on a break from acting.

An insider tells US Weekly, “Jen’s taking a year off from work to enjoy herself.”

Aniston is really taking this boyfriend thing seriously. If only she would’ve done the same with her career, her best work might not have been playing second fiddle to a Labrador retriever.

Another source confirmed that after the October release of Aniston’s movie Wanderlust, the only thing on her plate is developing a film called, The Goree Girls. The movie is her production company’s project about singers in a women’s prison.

Aniston has reportedly picked her new boyfriend, Justin Theroux, to punch up the script. Theroux’s screenwriting credits include Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2.

Theroux apparently has “an ability to find humor in dry material,” the source says. Well, that explains why he's dating Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston’s latest flick, Horrible Bosses, comes out this Friday. In the movie, Aniston plays a sexed up dentist who harasses her assistant, played by Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny fame.

"It's usually the male character in that role," Aniston said. "That's why I thought of [the character] like a guy. Other than that I just stuck to what was in the script. I didn't have any input as to what she said. That was all on the page. And I was tickled and excited. The raunchier, the better."