Jennifer Aniston: Tabloids Are "Bull sh-t"

September 1, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston: Tabloids Are

Jennifer Aniston says she thinks tabloids are full of "bull sh-t." She says she admits to flipping throw the tabloid mags from time to time and for someone like Aniston who is one of the most gossiped about stars ever, reading a tabloid is probably like reading her own unauthorized biography.

I'm sure she loves finding out new "details" about her own life. "Oh, apparently I'm trying for a baby with Justin Theroux? Good to know," I imagine her saying as she reads Star magazine while loading cartons of soy milk onto the check-out conveyor at the grocery store.

She says the gossip rags don't get the facts straight.

"There's not nearly as much stealing and obsessing, and middle of the night secret calls to ex-boyfriends and scheming and cheating," Aniston tells Glamour magazine.

"Most of it's just bullsh-t, however entertaining." she claims.

Let's break down the rumors she claims in the above quote.

When she says "stealing" she's referring to the tabloid rumors that she "stole" her boyfriend Justin Theroux from his live-in girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens. Heidi and Justin met when she was 20 and he was 24 and had been living together for the last 6 years. Jen met Justin on the set of their movie "Wanderlust" while Justin was living with Heidi and it's rumored that Jen and Justin started their romance on set. Also, Heidi didn't even move out of the home she shared with Justin until AFTER Jen and Justin went public with their relationship.

Basically, Jen pulled a Brangelina on Heidi Bivens. Whatever, Jen is just tryna get hers. She was scorned in the past, she can afford to be "the other woman" once in her life.

When Jen says there's not nearly as much "obsessing" she's talking about the gossip that she's way obsessed with Theroux. Only a few weeks after they started dating they were spotted wearing matching gold bands on their wedding ring fingers. Both rings spelled their names and friends were saying they were sort of "pre-engaged." Obsessed much?

I'm not sure what she's talking about the "middle of the night secret calls to ex-boyfriends." Was there a rumor that she was drunk dialing John Mayer? Vince Vaughn? Hmmm, however, she has publicly stated that she would "absolutely" get back with a former lover.

The "scheming" is probably referring to her "scheming" to have a baby. Jen and Justin were seen leaving the doctors together last week and while she could have been visiting her ears, nose, and throat specialist the world was hoping that it was Gyno visit after a source told US Weekly that they have been talking about having kids. Who are these "sources" that completely throw celebs under the bus? Thanks source! You aren't invited to Cabo with Jen anymore.

Well, Jen sets the record straight and says don't believe the everything you read in the tabloids because celebs are just like you.

"The truth is, most celebrities are doing the same things most other people are doing every day... work, have dinner, hang out with your friends when you can, try and keep up with the crazy world we're living in and squeeze in some zzz's," says Jen.