Jennifer Aniston Replaces Courteney Cox With New BFF

November 30, 2010 By:
Jennifer Aniston Replaces Courteney Cox With New BFF

OMG this is like a match made in heaven! Jennifer Aniston has reportedly kicked Courteney Cox to the curb as resident BFF, and replaced her with vodka late night queen Chelsea Handler

We can totally see why this friendship blossomed—Jen is eternally single and just wants to have a good time, and Chelsea is just a hot mess all the time, and doesn’t have a serious bone in her body!

Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler: Thankful to Have Cabo!

As Hollyscoop previously reported, Jen and Chels headed down to Cabo for Thanksgiving to let loose. A source tells Popeater, "Jen has more money than she will ever be able to spend in her lifetime, so she decided Thanksgiving was the perfect time to splurge on the most important people in her life."

Insiders say Handler is urging Jen to break out of her boring bubble and date new people. Great, next thing you know she’ll be dating Lil Wayne.

"Many of Jen's closest friends were with her when Brad broke her heart and have discouraged her from spreading her wings too quickly for fear she will get hurt again," says one source.

"Chelsea is the opposite. She believes Jen is fabulous in her 40s and needs to paint the town red. No more sitting at home alone with her dogs. No more quiet dinners out with Courteney Cox and the girls."

Oh yeah….it’s party time! If anyone can break Jennifer out of her shell, it’s Chelsea! They should just date each other!