Jennifer Aniston Probably Made Justin Theroux Shave That Beard

September 15, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston Probably Made Justin Theroux Shave That Beard

Justin Theroux went from "who's the crazy bearded guy Jen Aniston is dating" to "hot damn, Jen's new man is fine!" It's amazing what a pair of scissors will do.

Theroux poses in the October issue of GQ, and yes, he still has the beard, but it's more rugged rather than ragged. He originally grew out the facial hair for his role in Wanderlust, where he played a cult leader.

It's also the movie where he and costar Jennifer Aniston met and started dating. You've got to have serious game to nab Jen Aniston while looking like Charles Manson.

"You establish all sorts of mannerisms with it," Justin explained about his beard. "Like when you're bored, you can feather your mustache."

Gross. Also, how do you feather a mustache? Are guys really trying to give their 'staches more volume? Do they put product in it? I guess I don’t really want to know.

GQ asked Theroux if Jen was a fan of the facial hair and he said:

"Certain chicks dig it; certain chicks don’t."

Of course we're not going to get a relationship acknowledgement, but I don't really see why these two keep pretending they're not dating. We've seen the pictures, you're not fooling anyone. Maybe they're avoiding the media giving them with a couple name. Like Thaniston. Or Jennifoux.

He got rid of the beard a few days after the shoot, so I'm guessing Aniston falls under the chicks who don't like beards category.

Theroux went from Hollywood fringe to mainstream media the minute he was spotted out and about with Aniston. He went from writing Iron Man 2 and appearing in David Lynch movies to posing for paparazzi shots with Jen in Hawaii.

Aside from Aniston, his other hobbies include motorcycle riding. He says he particularly loves riding his BWMs and Ducatis in Europe because "it's like riding on carpet. Asphalt carpet."

In the mag, Theroux wears a leather jacket and aviators as he rides on a bike with a model in tow. GQ dubs him "Mr. Jennifer Aniston" adding that he "looks the Devil." A handsome devil, but a devil nonetheless.

In another shot, he poses ala Al Pacino in Serpico.

Meanwhile, Aniston has been coping with her mother's recent stroke. After a long-standing rift, the two made amends in recent years, and Aniston is devastated over his mother's condition. Nancy Dow is reportedly unable to communicate verbally.

“At least Jennifer and Nancy have made peace, belatedly as it has been,” a source says.