Jennifer Aniston Is the Jealous Type?

July 2, 2008 By:
Jennifer Aniston Is the Jealous Type?

After Jennifer Aniston lost her first husband to another woman, she's being a little more cautious this time around.

According to The Mirror, Jenn had Kimberly Stewart removed from the VIP section at John Mayer's concert in Hyde Park last week.

"John and Kim know each other from clubbing in LA, but Jennifer doesn't want anyone around who reminds her that he used to be a player," said a source.

Mayer apparently told security to kick out Kim at "all costs" to please his girlfriend.

"Kim was pulled off the stage and escorted through the Hard Rock VIP tent with a face like thunder, shouting: 'Why doesn't he want me here? Is this because of her?'" added the insider. "She totally embarrassed herself, but Jen looked relieved."

We don't blame Jenn for being a tab bit paranoid about her man, but Kimberly Stewart? She's not exactly the crème de la crème of Hollywood.