Jennifer Aniston is Sex Obsessed

June 9, 2010 By:
Jennifer Aniston is Sex Obsessed

Jennifer Aniston is over the romantic comedies, she’s moved on to dark comedies.

Jen has reportedly signed on for the dark comedy, "Horrible Bosses."

The movie is about three friends who conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness.

Jennifer Aniston Ate the Same Thing Everyday for a Decade!

The role she will take on in this movie is definitely different than any other character we’ve ever seen her in. She is going to be playing a sex-obsessed dentist.

According to Life & Style, Jen’s character is very raunchy. In one scene she reportedly breaks a nail while touching herself and admits into kinky sex.

Jennifer Aniston will star alongside Colin Farrell, Jamie foxx and Jason Bateman.