Jennifer Aniston is Leaving LA

February 10, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston is Leaving LA

Jennifer Aniston is saying adios to L.A. and hellllooo to New York.

Despite the fact that she finally, after years and years, finished remodeling her Hollywood Hills mansion, she's ready for a big move--to the big apple.

"I'm very interested" in moving to Manhattan, Jen said Thursday morning on Good Morning America.

"I've been looking and looking and looking," said the star, who's lived in the Los Angeles area for ages. "I grew up here. I miss it."

And she's not kidding, she's been looking since December! How long does it take a zillionaire like Jen to find an apartment?

She has so much money she can literally knock on someone's door and be like 'hey I'm Jennifer Aniston, I want to live her, so you're moving out'.