Jennifer Aniston: I'm "Open to Being a Single Mom and Adopting"

July 20, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston: I'm

Now that Jennifer Aniston is happy in love, she’s considering becoming a mother. Jen says she’s determined to become a mother—with or without a man.

Jen, who has been dating actor Justin Theroux for months, told Look magazine:

"I'd love to have children one day. And it'll happen. I am open to being a single mother, to adopting. I'm just fine with it."

She’s rumored to be taking a break from the spotlight, so if there’s ever a time to become a new mom, it’s now. And she admits she would rather stay home any day than go out on the town.

She added: "I love being at home. I enjoy having cozy dinners with my friends – playing board games or poker. It's fun! Also, I'm into watching Oprah's network, I love her.

"You'll never see me on twitter or anything like that, it's not for me. I'm all about old traditional ways – phone calls and letters. Although I do internet surf and shop online. I love auctions."

Internet surf? She sounds like my 80-year grandmother who just discovered email.

Thanks to her baby comment, we’re going to hear new adoption rumors every week for the next year or so. Watch what you say Jen.