Jennifer Aniston: I Will Be Married by the End of the Year

February 27, 2012 By:
Jennifer Aniston: I Will Be Married by the End of the Year

Jennifer Aniston and her new beau Justin Theroux are apparently getting very serious as Aniston has declared that she will be married to him by the end of 2012. No pressure or anything.

“I’ll be married by the end of the year. We’re constantly laughing,” Aniston tells The Daily Mirror.

Is laughter the index for marriage material? If you laugh a lot you should be married to that person? Because if that’s true, I shoulda been married to Eddie Murphy several “Welcome to the Klumps” sequels ago. Amiright!?

Aniston and Theroux don’t have any kids together, yet, but they have adopted a dog that they refer to as their “baby.” Gotta love those childless adults and their dogs.

“Now we’ve got our new baby things are getting serious. We have new responsibilities,” says Aniston, “She’s like a test run for kids, I guess…although hopefully kids are easier to house-train. Justin and I argue over who takes the dog out and who disciplines her, but that’s about it. Things are fabulous. I’m happy.”

Despite how fabulous things are, Aniston makes her ultimatum pretty clear.

“If he’s not gotten down on one knee, or we’re not married by the end of the year, it’s over!” says Aniston.

I really hope Justin Theroux reads the Daily Mirror. Do you think he knows he’s got 9 months left to propose?