Jennifer Aniston: I Don't Want The Picture Perfect Life

February 14, 2012 By:
Jennifer Aniston: I Don't Want The Picture Perfect Life

Oh but Jen, we want if for you so bad!

Ever since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced, the world has desperately wanted her to find “the one” again. We've been on baby watch for years and we've literally watched the star play the dating-game as she went thru bachelors like Vince Vaughn and John Mayer.

Now she tells us she doesn't want the “picture perfect” life? That's like a slap in the face, Jen. Now go get your uterus knocked up and make us proud.

Jen opened up in the new issue of GQ where she poses opposite her “Wanderlust” co-star Paul Rudd and says she's not looking for a “picture-perfect life.” Jen admits, “I think that's sort of cliché, isn't it? Like, if you want to be happy, you should have the house, the husband, the kids….Kids are messy!”

She's just saying that so the next time she's rumored to be pregnant, we can look to this quote and be like, “but Jen thinks babies are cliché!”

As for her relationship with Justin Theroux, they aren't planning on getting married anytime soon nor is she planning on getting pregnant, “I still kind of go with, if it happens, it happens. I'm calm and peaceful with whatever the plan is. It's not something where I'm going, 'I gotta have a kid!'”

Jennifer Aniston has a rule that she will get married when Brad and Angie get married. It's like Brangelina's rule about gay marriage, except not at all. I'm kidding, I made that up.

As for the rumors that she pound of weight because she's preggers, Jen says, “Well, I recently quit smoking, and you do put on some extra pounds. It makes a difference, especially if you're not 20. I think people maybe want me to have a kid now.”