Jennifer Aniston Hits Back At Critics

October 2, 2008 By:
Jennifer Aniston Hits Back At Critics

Finally! Jennifer Aniston has stayed mum about all the romance rumors that have been published about her throughout the years, but she's finally speaking out.

Jenn has been criticized in the past for using her relationships as a form of PR, but she says those reports are "below the belt."

She says, "It's been incorrectly alleged that I'd abuse a romantic attachment as a publicity stunt. That's below the belt.

"To love and be loved is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person, and one's own life is more important than all the glamour and fame in the world."

If anyone used their relationship for PR reasons, it was John Mayer, not Jenn. Poor Jenn, not only is she unlucky in love, she gets so much BS every time she casually dates someone too.