Jennifer Aniston Is Head Over Heels For New Man

June 24, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston Is Head Over Heels For New Man

Jennifer Aniston is so obsessed with new boyfriend, Justin Theroux.

When Jennifer goes to lunch with her girlfriends, I bet she asks them about their dating life just so she has an excuse to talk about hers.

Since Brad Pitt and Jen broke up the public has been obsessed with Jens dating life, mostly because she flounders around from guy to guy and none of these dudes seem to have anything in common. Jen’s only type seems to be “must be male.”

Now that Jen is official with Justin Theroux she’s acting all high-school-prom about their relationship and it’s super annoying.

She recently appeared on Inside the Actor’s Studio and not surprisingly, Theroux sat in the front row watching. Apparently throughout the interview Anniston kept sneaking glances at her boyfriend and flashing him smiles.

I’m surprised she didn’t ask if he could sit in on the interview with her so they could make googly eyes and cuddle. Ugghhh, if Jen had a facebook she’d be the kind of girl to “like” her own relationship status.

As Jen left Pace University in New York where the show is filmed, she beamed from ear to ear like a teenager and flashed her matching gold ring that both she and Justin wear on their ring fingers.

Awwww young love. Er – nevermind.