Jennifer Aniston Having Two Weddings

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Jennifer Aniston Having Two Weddings
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When you are as famous as Jennifer Aniston, one wedding just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes famous people just need a place to put all their money, so instead of having one wedding like a normal person, they have two, because what’s an extra $500,000?

Jen and fiancé Justin Theroux are reportedly having bi-coastal weddings, because Justin’s a NYC city boy and Jen just wants a chill backyard LA wedding. So, they are going to have both. Marriage is all about compromise, or having two weddings, whatever.

Friends of the couple told Grazia magazine that they are calling it “his and hers” weddings, because that’s very cute.

“Justin grew up in New York, most of his family are on the East Coast, so rumor has it that after ‘Jen’s wedding’ in California, there will be something in New York,” adds the source.

Wait, are they really calling it “Jen’s wedding?” That’s so bridezilla of her. Sidenote: Jen should star in a romantic comedy about a type-A career woman planning two weddings, that seems very up-her-alley.

Also, it might be that “Justin’s wedding” is going to be more of a wedding party, or just the reception and he’s reportedly organizing it himself and it will be very “rock 'n' roll” just like him, because he wears leather jackets.

Also, Jen and Justin are looking at NY real-estate and will be bi-coastal once they wed.

“Jen knows how much Justin misses New York, so she’s conceded that once they’re married they can buy something there.”

Remember when Justin was walking around NY with his secret hot brother Sebastian? Yeah, they were out scoping real estate.