Jennifer Aniston Has a Baby Bump?

September 18, 2012 By:
Jennifer Aniston Has a Baby Bump?

Jennifer Aniston has a bun in the oven! In a silly new video for Smart Water, that is.

In this hilarious new viral video for Smart Water, Jennifer Aniston lets us take a peek inside her fabulous world to reveal she’s a) secretly pregnant b) wears a wig and c) has an overgrown man-child for a son, played by Jimmy Kimmel.

Ryan Seacrest introduces the video a ‘la a faux E! News segment, claiming to have gotten his hands on leaked security tapes from Jen’s house.

In these "security tapes" we first see Jen crash a car, because she says she “forgot her smart water.”

When she returns to the house she takes off an industrial pair of spanx to reveal a huge belly bump! “Hello triplets!” she says as she pats her belly!

She then goes to one of her infamous workout sessions, only to reveal it’s just four hunky dudes lifting her up and down.

She takes a dip in the pool, which is filled entirely with smart water and then her middle aged son (played by Kimmel) tries to jump in the pool before Jen shoos him back inside “before anyone sees him!”

In the final scene, Jen brushes her hair in front of a mirror, says “goodbye Rachel” and removes her perfectly coifed locks to reveal it was just a wig all along! Jen’s actual hair is a tightly wound lady fro.

This video is Jen calling out every silly tabloid rumor about her ever! Watch below: