Jennifer Aniston Hams It Up With Ellen DeGeneres

July 17, 2012 By:
Ellen DeGeneres gets all sorts of fresh with an apparently filthy Jennifer Aniston, in a promo for the forthcoming 10th season of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Not that kind of “fresh” come on people, it’s got an afternoon time slot… though, actually, maybe that’s exactly what I mean, cause some serious lines are crossed here.

Aniston, Ellen’s first guest ever, is appropriately the first one to help her usher the hit show into it’s second decade.

The clip starts with a perfectly kempt Aniston saying that, “Coming on Ellen’s show, is different than any other show, because Ellen, takes care of you, from the moment you get here.”

Queue the abuse montage as Ellen tries to brush but really just pulls at Jen’s hair, screws up her make-up, Swiffers her arm, lint rolls her head, vacuums her armpits… before moving the handheld suction device pretty much right into the crack of her ass.

A tousled, beat, busted, smeared and potentially violated Jen closes the clip with, “It is so fun coming here, she’s one of a kind, I love her.” While almost trying to choke back tears.

So there’s two schools of thought on this whole thing:
1.) Funny, I guess.
2.) Totally disturbing.

If you’re going with option #1, maybe you should watch it again?

I mean, what’s really happening here?

Is Ellen a germ-o-phobe?

Redirecting fault, we could go with: maybe Aniston is just a dirty b**ch?

I don’t know that any of these possible scenarios are really necessary reveals in a 30 second spot for an award winning, fun-loving talk show.

But the vacuum people might want to consider getting Aniston involved in promoting or possibly even preventing… something?