Jennifer Aniston Gives the Silent Treatment on Set of New Film

April 1, 2009 By:
Jennifer Aniston Gives the Silent Treatment on Set of New Film

Jennifer Aniston is hard at work on her next project, and is currently shooting the film The Baster in New York City.

This comes just days after yet another break-up with John Mayer. Not the easiest thing in the world to jump right into work after a very public split.

And sources are saying the break-up has affected Jen’s on-set attitude. Yesterday Jen and Jason Bateman shot a scene for the movie at a restaurant. An eyewitness says that between takes Jen totally kept to herself, and didn’t talk to anyone. That definitely doesn’t sound like her!

Other on-set sources say Jen hasn’t been the sweet girl they had hoped for. A source tells Ok! that filming was held up on the first day because her hair wasn’t perfect.

They say, "In the morning, the cast and crew had to wait to start filming without Jen because she asked for extra time to finishing blow-drying her hair.”

The insider continues, "Jen refused to walk even a step outside the restaurant during the break for lunch. She had her car pull up right next to the restaurant so she could be driven less than a block to her trailer to avoid photographers."

Well, we don’t blame her for that! All they probably ask her these days are if she’s seen or talked to John since the break-up. No one would want that!

As for her diva behavior on set of the movie, we’re sure Jen was just trying to stay in character. We’ve always heard such great things about her, that we can’t imagine her being a diva to crewmembers. The girl is probably just trying to move on as best she can!