Jennifer Aniston Gets Real About Relationships

May 11, 2009 By:
Jennifer Aniston Gets Real About Relationships

Jennifer Aniston may be unlucky in love, but moving forward, she's going to be realistic about her relationship expectations.

Aniston is Cosmopolitan UK's June 2009 cover girl. And in the issue she talks about relationships, life in the public eye, and her friends. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Jen on being realistic about relationships:
"I don’t think a perfect relationship exists. But I do think that many of us think it does and we’re just fooling ourselves. Whoever said that everything has to be forever? That’s unrealistic or hoping for too much. I don’t think it’s worth all that pressure."

Jen on the importance of communication in relationships:
"I think that every relationship is a world unto itself. The most important factor is communication. People often expect their partner to read their minds, and when that doesn’t happen, they get pretty upset. Then the other person gets even more upset and, at the end of the day, it’s all because they didn’t talk it over at the beginning."

Jen on her dog being famous:
“I’m still baffled as to why people are so interested in my life. It’s so weird, even my dog Norman gets recognized – he’s famous. But I’m cutting him off, I’ve told him no more Oprah appearances! [Laughs] … It’s been horrendous at times. I have had to simply move through it and try to think positively. I don’t know if I’m a late bloomer, but I feel like everything is just beginning … I would say that this is the best moment of my life. I’ve never felt better – physically or professionally. I’m a very lucky woman, without a doubt.”

Jen on what makes her smile:
“Just hanging out. Sunsets make me happy, silly things make me happy. A nice bottle of wine with some good cheese makes me happy. Being in love makes me very happy. I love being in my home too. I’ve been working on my house for a year-and-a-half, which has been really fulfilling. I love cooking, going out to dinner, hiking, taking a road trip, watching movies…”

Jen on the importance of friendship:
“I really value my friends, and I feel lucky to have such good ones. I couldn’t live without them. I don’t understand how people can isolate themselves and not communicate with others. I believe in everlasting friends.”

Jen on her costars from Friends:
“I love them and we’re close, but we don’t see each other all the time … We have grand plans, like, ‘We’ll have dinner once a month.’ And then life happens, times change. It leaves me feeling sort of melancholy … They will always be my family whether we are in the same room and talking regularly or not. Something like [Friends] will never happen again and you have to acknowledge that. It was probably some of the greatest stuff I’ll get to do in my career, so anything that happens from this point is just a cherry on top of the cake. I’ve really had such a great time and the fact that I just get to keep working makes me feel really lucky.”