Jennifer Aniston Gets a New Tattoo

June 25, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston Gets a New Tattoo

Good girl gone bad. Jennifer Aniston debuted a new tattoo while out and about in New York on Friday.

She got her first tattoo on the inside of her right foot that reads “Norman,” her rep confirmed.

Why Norman? It’s the name of the beloved Welsh corgi-terrier mix she just lost just a month ago. Norman died in May at 15 years old.

Jen’s not exactly the tattoo kind of gal, so there’s a good chance that her new beau Justin Theroux convinced her to get it. He has more than just a few tats, so he most likely convinced her it was a good idea.

Jen’s friends aren’t exactly thrilled about how much time she’s been spending with him. He’s already moved into her LA home and they’re literally inseparable. He even went to a taping of Inside the Actors Studio with her and sat front and center.

What do you think of Jen’s new man? Is he a bad influence or is it just puppy love?