Jennifer Aniston Finds Jessica's Love Letters to John Mayer

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Jennifer Aniston Finds Jessica\'s Love Letters to John Mayer
Everyone is always talking about how Jennifer Aniston is unlucky in love that that America can't wait for their sweetheart to find love again, get married and have lots of beautiful children. Only problem is, as soon as she starts dating someone, the media goes wild with fabricated stories.

The NY Post is reporting that Jenn "a batch" of love letters from John Mayer's ex Jessica Simpson in his guitar case and "Jennifer was more hurt than angry at the discovery." said a source.

"The letters surprisingly were very touching and well written."

The source added that Jenn was upset at first, but her and John "smoothed things over."

Aside from the fact that Jenn's rep called the story "completely fabricated," why would he keep the letters somewhere like his guitar case? He uses that thing all the time! The media tries to make Jenn look like a jealous psycho possessive girlfriend, when it’s probably pretty far from the truth. Who do you believe?
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