Jennifer Aniston Finally Scores at Box Office

February 14, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston Finally Scores at Box Office

Just Go With It topped the box office this weekend, despite its negative reviews. I mean, these reviews were really bad. Terrible. Embarrassingly awful.

The movie raked in $31 million, making me question the better judgment of our country. The economy hasn’t fully recovered yet, people.

You know you’re still broke—this is what you’re throwing your cash at? Shouldn’t you be spending your money on a car that needs new brake pads, or a laptop that needs fixing, or…anything other than this movie?

Not far behind Jennifer Aniston’s flick was the Bieber biopic, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, which made a little over $30 million. And speaking of small, foreign creatures, Gnomeo and Juliet came in third at $25 million.

So Jennifer Aniston got her birthday wish. On Friday, she told Ryan Seacrest,

“I have an embarrassment of riches. Let’s open a movie! That’s what I want.”

Translated: “I have more money than you. But spend your money on my movie. I want your money so I can have even more money.”

Way to make people start liking you, Jen.