Jennifer Aniston Feeling "Extremely Lucky" Right Now

June 27, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston Feeling

Jennifer Aniston is on a roll. Not only has she shed the title of “spinster” we've so lovingly handed out to her since her divorce, she's also in a movie that doesn't look half bad.

Aniston visited Good Morning America on Monday to talk about her new movie, Horrible Bosses. She subtly discussed recent events in her personal life.

“Yes, I'm very happy,” Aniston said. “I'm extremely lucky, and I'm extremely happy.”

What she wanted to say was, “I have a boyfriend! I have a boyfriend! Thank God Almighty, I have a boyfriend!”

After a couple of weeks of speculation, Aniston and Justin Theroux have taken their relationship public, packing on the PDA-bicoastally. The couple has showed up at various events in Los Angeles, and Theroux has even reportedly moved into Jen's L.A. home.

While having dinner in NYC, a photographer friend had dinner with and took sappy photos of the couple. Theroux was also recently spotted wearing jewelry that matched Aniston's. I'm guessing the “jewelry” was one those collars you put on dogs so they can't stray within 100 ft. Not adoptin' this one, Angelina!

While Aniston was shooting Inside the Actor's Studio on Thursday, Theroux sat in the front row, where the couple exchanged smiles throughout the interview. She mentioned Theroux as one of the actors she “loved” working with.

Horrible Bosses, also starring Jason Bateman and Kevin Spacey, opens in theaters July 8.