Jennifer Aniston Explains Nude GQ Cover

December 24, 2008 By:
Jennifer Aniston Explains Nude GQ Cover

Jennifer Aniston’s GQ cover was so scandalous that people are still talking about it. Aniston was a guest on The View Wednesday and the ladies grilled her about her practically nude cover.

"What happened to the girl next door from Friends?" Barbara Walters asked, while holding up the magazine.

"She's there! Photoshopped!" Aniston joked.

The ladies still had the magazine around which obviously made Aniston a little jittery. She laughed and flipped the cover over, saying, "let's put this down."

Jenn then took the time to explain what actually happened and why she’s only wearing a tie, and no, it’s not because she was trying to make Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt jealous.

"There was a story behind this," Aniston explained. "This had a whole concept. It was going to be in various stages of undress. There was going to be me in a gown and men in tuxedos. And then it would be me wearing the man's shirt. And he would have no shirt on. And then they were supposed to get naked! Somehow I don't know what happened!"

Whether you loved the cover, or hated it, one things for sure. Aniston looks amazing for her age.