Jennifer Aniston Dumped John Mayer Over Twitter?

March 24, 2009 By:
Jennifer Aniston Dumped John Mayer Over Twitter?

Jennifer Aniston is an old fashioned kind of girl. She doesn't do Facebook and she certainly doesn't Twitter.

So could the social networking site be responsible for her split from John Mayer? According to new reports, it may have been!

Jen was reportedly furious when she found out John was spending hours posting updates on his Twitter and then claiming he was too busy to call her.

A source close to Jen tells the Star Magazine, "Jen was fuming. There he was, telling her he didn’t have time for her and yet his page was filled with updates! Every few hours, sometimes minutes, he’d update with some stupid line.

"She was like, ‘He has time for all this Twittering, but he can’t send me a text, an email, make a call?’ He didn’t deny it. He knew he was avoiding her. So when she ended things, he just said OK, and he was sorry it didn’t work out.”

When the couple called it quits, John left a message on his Twitter that read, "This heart didn't come with instructions." Hopefully it came with tissues, because it looks like Jen is pretty much done with John.

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