Jennifer Aniston Does Chelsea Lately

September 18, 2009 By:
Jennifer Aniston Does Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately probably got awesome ratings last night, because Jennifer Aniston was the guest on the show! Chelsea Handler started the interview by saying paparazzi had been hanging around their building the entire day just to get a photo of Jen.

The conversation quickly turned to booze, because what else could we expect from Chelsea? She asked Jen what she drank “to keep your body like that because what I’m drinking is not working.”

Jen and Chelsea unsurprisingly share a love of the clear stuff. Jen told Chelsea, “That’s my drink of choice actually. It’s a clean liqueur.”

Chelsea responded, “That’s why I drink it but it doesn’t seem like the same thing is happening,” pointing to Jen’s hot bod.

When the women switched gears to talk about Love Happens, Jen wasn’t exactly convincing when it came to selling the movie! She simply stated, “It’s a good movie.”

But really…who cares? Jennifer Aniston is in it—that’s reason enough to go see it! Check out the cute interview below.