Jennifer Aniston Buys $9 Million New York Home

November 7, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston Buys $9 Million New York Home

Jennifer Aniston now has so many homes, I hear Donald Trump is getting jealous.

The actress just put down $9 million for yet another new NYC pad. The 2,873 square foot apartment is located in an upscale building in New York's Gramercy Park. A housekeeper and butler also come with that $9 million, a pretty good deal if you ask me.

The home is also the only unit in the building that overlooks Gramercy Park. Jen's exclusive view is in her master bedroom. Hey, maybe she can see her other house from this house. In April, Aniston bought the 17th and 18th floors of a Manhattan apartment building for around $7 million. That seems like a steal for two floors of a building.

And in August, Jennifer and Justin Theroux took the plunge and decided to move in together. They began renting a two-bedroom home in the Hollywood Hills.

But anyway, back to Jen's latest addition. The home features 11.8 foot ceilings, along with three bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms. There's a wood burning fireplace, spa-like bathrooms and all the amenities of a five star hotel. Including the housekeeping and butler service, those amenities include personal shopping, catering, and car wash service. There's a beautiful, floor-to-ceiling window by the dining room and two in the living room. The listing photos also include two nurseries. Let the pregnancy rumors begin. Again.

Earlier this year, Aniston sold her famous $38 million Beverly Hills mansion that she worked on for years. The home was absolutely gorgeous, with panoramic views of Los Angeles and a state-of-the art kitchen. Aniston said it "felt like a hug." But after some consideration, Jen decided to downsize.

"I couldn’t sleep and I sort of had one of those moments where I really needed to simplify," Aniston explained. "My life needs to be simplified and clear out the clutter. And along with that thought came, I should sell my house."

Yeah, and buy three more. How nice it must be to be in the position where you consider a Beverly Hills mansion "clutter."

When she sold her home, Aniston also said: " There are all sorts of things that are going to be happening in the near future so I’m excited. I don’t know what they are, but that’s the fun part."

Months later, she met boyfriend Justin Theoroux. Cutest foreshadowing ever.