Jennifer Aniston broke up with John

March 16, 2009 By:
Jennifer Aniston broke up with John

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer need to just accept the fact that they're wrong for each other, stop talking to the press, and move on with their lives.

Every time they break up they both run and tell the press (they're usually the 'source close to the couple') that he/she was responsible for ending their romance. Who cares who ended it, the point is, it didn't work. Move on!

Last week we got news that the couple had split (again) and John claimed that he was the one who pulled the plug on their romance. But Aniston is singing a different tune.

Aniston has reportedly been telling friends that it was her decision to end the relationship because Mayer had become really cold and distant following their appearance at the Academy Awards, and she felt used.

A source tells the UK Sun, "They had a great time at the Oscars, but he seemed to go cold right after. It's humiliating. To say her feelings are hurt is an understatement."

Maybe he went cold because she confessed her undying love for her ex husband Brad Pitt?! Just a thought Jenn. Either way, these two need to just move on with their lives and stop repeating the same mistakes.