Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Wanderlust Movie Trailer is Out

November 4, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Wanderlust Movie Trailer is Out

Jennifer Aniston and her current beau Justin Theroux reportedly met on the set of “Wanderlust.” This is the movie they filmed last year when Theroux was still living with his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens and Jen got homewrecked her way into his heart.

The trailer for the movie has finally come out and we’re dying to see how this new couple’s on screen chemistry holds up.

First of all, this trailer looks amazing, and it’s probably enjoying the extra surge of popularity simply because Hollywood’s favorite couple is starring in it in a “before they were an item” kind-of-way.

“Wanderlust” features Aniston and comedian Paul Rudd playing a yuppie couple who stumble into a hippie commune in an attempt to “spice things up” in their marriage. Theroux plays a member of the free lovin’ commune and teaches Jen’s character a thing or two about being a tree-hugger.

Am I just reading too much into it because I know that they are a couple? Because it seems like Jen smiled just a little bit more every time Justin came on screen.

In the trailer, Justin has a full beard and straggly long hair and plays one of those guys that drinks red wine and wears t-shirts made from plant material. They share a scene together where Justin teaches Jen how to milk a cow and it’s riddled with innuendo.

In the film, they kind of play their real life characters. Jen plays a city girl and Theroux plays a dirty hipster. I guess life does imitate art. However, from the trailer at least, it doesn’t seem as if the two play romantic interests in the film.

The film is due out in February and I bet this couple is looking forward to doing press together for the flick. We met while milking a cow on set!? Can you believe that?!

Despite the public’s infatuation with this couple and how fast they move (They rented a home together after like 3 months of dating) Jen says she doesn’t know if she wants to get married again.

“I am not planning to get married any time soon," Aniston recently told Britain's Hello! magazine. "I've been married once and I don't know if I'll get married again. I can tell you that as of this very moment, as of today, I have no plan to get married."

I have a feeling Justin is one of those guys that “doesn’t believe in marriage” and Jen’s just trying to keep up with his hipster antics. I’ve seen his beard and that motorcycle. I know his type.