Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Spend $450 Thousand at Haiti Fundraiser

September 26, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Spend $450 Thousand at Haiti Fundraiser

Becoming a UNICEF ambassador and orphaned children is nice and all, but you know what makes even more of a difference? Donating a sh-t ton of money. And you don’t have to take malaria pills and then make sure someone gets a photo of you wearing a headscarf and talking to sick kids so you can post it on your Facebook page.

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux spent nearly half a million on a painting at Christie’s Artists for Haiti fundraising auction on Friday. The painting started off at $150,000—200,000 but Jen and Justin decided to pay $450,000 for it.

The painting is by American artist Glenn Ligon and is called Stranger #44. It’s an abstract work comprised of oil, charcoal and graphite on canvas. Or, if you’re not an art person, it’s like something from the “Home” section of Urban Outfitters. Theroux reportedly did the bidding on Jen’s behalf. says “Aniston, who was in the room, clapped enthusiastically after [Theroux’s] winning bid.”

The whole event, called “Artists for Haiti” was organized by Ben Stiller and raised over $13 million. Artists donated their works for the cause.

Aniston previously donated another $500,000 to the Haiti Relief effort. Other celebs that donated a big chunk to the cause include George Clooney, Brangelina, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who all donated $1 million. Gisele Bundchen donated $1.5 million, and Tiger Woods donated $3 million. But he probably thought “Haiti” was the name of some chick he didn’t remember sleeping with.

Jen’s charitable efforts aren’t going to stop at this hipster painting, either. Along with Alicia Keys and Demi Moore, Aniston plans to produce a series of short films that will promote breast cancer awareness. The films are about how breast cancer affects the lives of five women.

“I think that so often there is that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ feeling,” Jen says of the project. “Like breast cancer is happening to other people, not you.”

The movies will air on Lifetime. Hopefully they can fit it in somewhere between all of their reruns of William & Kate.

Jen admits that she was guilty of ignoring breast cancer before this project, too.

“Before this project came up even I really didn't want to pay attention. I feel that this came to me to make me pay attention."