Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper: It's On!

June 24, 2009 By:
Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper: It's On!

It's on! Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper are secretly dating and "Jen is really excited" about her new love.

According to Star magazine, Aniston is not only excited about the new romance, "she feels a connection to Bradley."

The couple recently enjoyed a three-hour romantic date in New York City
where they shared food and wine, laughed at one another's jokes and acted like two kids falling in love.

"I went over to say hi to them, and I noticed they were holding hands under the table because they let go to shake my hand," an eyewitness at the exclusive restaurant tells Star.

They've been denying romance rumors for months, but photos don't lie! After their dinner they were photographed getting into a waiting car together.

He's said in the past he was "flattered" to be linked to someone like Jennifer Aniston, which is the cutest thing! They make such an adorable couple, we're hoping she has better luck with this Brad than the last one. Do you think they'll last?