Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux's New Hollywood Home

September 2, 2011 By:
Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux's New Hollywood Home

Okay, you guys, I think Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are more than just friends. The two have moved into a gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills, renting it for $17,5000 a month. Excuse me while I go vomit.

I’m back. So yeah, for the price of a tax bracket, the two live in a 1,761 square foot house that’s fully furnished.

“They didn’t want to buy a house right away,” an Aniston pal tells Us Weekly.

“One bedroom is the master and the other is currently furnished as a guest room,” another insider reveals. “It is a really romantic house with great views and a warm feeling in every room. If they decide they like it, it's also for sale."

The master suite is complete with vaulted ceilings and French doors, which open up to an ozone pool and spa. I have no idea what an ozone pool is, that’s how 'low-key' my lifestyle is. And by low-key, I mean poor. But I’m guessing it’s a pool so big, it has it’s own atmosphere.

The home also has a garage that’s been turned into a family room, three fireplaces and a hidden garden. It’s valued at $3 million.

Aniston’s neighbors are Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry and Ryan Phillippe. The house is also close to Jen’s favorite spot, Sunset Tower.

Back in June, Aniston sold her Beverly Hills home for $38 million. She bought the home in 2006 for $13.5 million. She needs to quit acting and go into real estate.

The house was a longtime project for Aniston, as she spent years redesigning to make it a zen-like oasis. The home was 10,000 square feet and included two living rooms, two kitchens, a gym, five bedrooms, and seven and a half bathrooms.

And if that’s not enough, it also had a spa, steam showers, and two kitchens.

Regarding selling her home, Jen said: “My life needs to be simplified.”

“My life felt really cluttered. I couldn’t sleep and I sort of had one of those moments where I went, ‘I really need to simplify.’…And along with that thought came, ‘I should sell my house. I had the realization that this is just too much for me. I’m not this person.”

Aniston had named the home Ohana, which, translated from Hawaiian, means family.

So yeah, it looks like Aniston has simplified and moved on with her new dude. The couple was spotted Wednesday headed to a doctor’s appointment. An eyewitness who spotted the two said:

“Jen and Justin seemed genuinely in love, and they have been together nonstop. When they were leaving they looked happy and you could see that they are a very lovey-dovey couple.”