Jennifer Aniston & Juliette Lewis: Brad Who?

August 13, 2010 By:
Jennifer Aniston & Juliette Lewis: Brad Who?

Jennifer Aniston and Juliette Lewis just shot the movie The Switch together, and really enjoyed each other’s company. But there was one little detail that could have made things awkward—they both were with Brad Pitt at one point.

Lewis dated Pitt for four years in the 90s, and of course Aniston and Pitt were married for five years, before he basically left her for Angelina Jolie. But despite their pasts with the same man, he never came up!

Sources tell Hollyscoop the actresses, who play best friends in the romantic comedy, also became good friends off camera. They also never brought up their separate experiences with Brad.

Lewis says, "There's an obvious history we share but while we didn't share stories about Brad, we did have an instant connection and mutual affection. I love her."

She also said her experience with Pitt was much different than Jen’s marriage to him, which she says was more significant.

She adds, "For Jennifer, being with Brad was profound as it was a marriage. For me, it was only like a high-school relationship. Brad and I were on a journey together at the start of our careers. Then he became this sensation in a whole other way. I always knew I'd stay an outsider."

Guess everything came full-circle for Juliette and Jen! Who needs Brad when you’ve got great girlfriends?!