Jennifer and John in Beginning Phase of Relationship

May 5, 2008 By:
Jennifer and John in Beginning Phase of Relationship

We saw two pictures of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer in Miami and now everyone is assuming the two are about to walk down the aisle. So called friends of Jennifer Aniston are saying that Jenn is apparently really into John and she's already falling in love. How could she be in love if they've seen each only a few times? One thing that's for sure is that the two like hanging with each other and having intellectual conversations.

Sources tell Hollyscoop that the pictures that were taken of the two in Miami were snapped by an Iphone by an employee of the hotel and they looked a lot more deceiving than they actually were.

The two are still in the beginning phase of their so-called relationship. The source told Hollyscoop that, "John actually likes hanging with Jenn and it's not only a sexual relationship because they haven't even hooked up in that way yet."

These two actually make a cute couple so hopefully everything goes well.