Is Jennifer Aniston a Homewrecker?

June 14, 2011 By:
Is Jennifer Aniston a Homewrecker?

Jennifer Aniston might be a home wrecker. Aniston’s new beau, Justin Theroux, had been living in NYC with girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens, when he began seeing Aniston.

When Aniston and Theroux were being all PDA-y at the MTV Movie Awards and going public with their relationship, poor ex-girl Bivens was packing up her things at the home she shared with Theroux.

Aniston and Theroux met while filming, “Wanderlust” last fall but began making headlines in May.

Does this remind anyone of the 2005 Brangelina and Aniston fiasco? Brad and Angie met while filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and began an “emotional affair” even though Brad was still married to Jen. Did Aniston and Theroux pull a Brangelina on his ex girlfriend?

Aniston and Theroux met on set and began “hooking up” while Theroux was still living in domestic bliss with her girlfriend of 14 years! A source close to Theroux tries to blur the truth, “but he had been trying to leave her for a while. He broke it off for good in March," insists the source, adding that the couple were "on an off for years."

“On and off” has become guy code for “it’s okay to cheat” in Hollywood.