Inside Jennifer Aniston's New NYC Apartment

April 26, 2011 By:
Inside Jennifer Aniston's New NYC Apartment

Jennifer Aniston is tired of the stalkarazzi in LA and has put her gorgeous massive mansion on the market.

So where is she headed? To the Big Apple. She just splashed out $5.9 million dollars on a New York Apartment.

She’s close to finalizing a deal on the luxurious Manhattan property, which is a 1,200 square foot penthouse apartment.

You would think $6 mil would get you an amazing apartment, but it actually only has one bedroom and one bathroom, it comes with an 800-square foot terrace with north, south, east and west views of the New York Harbor to the Empire State Building.

Basically the closet in her LA home is bigger than this apartment. But it’s not like anyone else is going to move in with her anytime soon. And the terrace is so beautiful, it makes up for the apartment being small.

The property – which is on the 18th floor of a pre-war building with a doorman - also has a new open-plan kitchen, dining room, living room, hardwood and poured concrete floors as well as four closets.

Jennifer recently revealed she wanted to move back to New York as she missed the city where she spent a lot of her childhood and attended acting school.

She said: "I've been looking and looking and looking. I grew up here (New York City). I miss it."

"There is nothing like being in the city that is just the city of Everyman. It's all walks of life - I love that!"
Wonder how many paparazzos will have to move to New York to stay on assignment with Jen? Poor thing can never escape them.